As previously stated; I will be getting my Bachelor of Social Work in the Spring of 2015 which my goal was to have it by the time I’m 34, something I will be able to accomplish. I will be attending UTA for a dual Masters’ in Social Work and Public Administration and giving myself 2 years for that. I will then continue to pursue my Ph.D. in International Social Work, I have yet to know which school I will attend;  in hopes that I’m done with that by the time I’m 40.

I currently work two full time jobs. One consists of 40hrs a week working the graveyard shift and the other consists of 36hrs a week working the day shift. I don’t have a day off at all. It’s been a few weeks since I took time off my day job so I can focus on my classes but will be returning soon.  

For the summer I’m taking 18 credit hours which consist of six classes. You might ask if I sleep. I do, I get to nap two hours a day and that’s all. How can I function? I honestly don’t know. I just have the drive to continue to stay determined and focused and keep my eyes on my goals.

I also have a goal to be able to save at least 20k by the time I get my bachelor’s degree and purchase a home somewhere in TX. I don’t know where yet because it depends where the road leads with the man I’m in love with. I plan to include him in all my future endeavors, but it just all depends on him and what he’d like to do, and where our friendship / relationship goes.

I’m the type of woman that takes the bull by the horns and handles business. I don’t wait around for anyone to do anything for me and I don’t depend on anyone for anything. I’ve been this way since I was 13 years old. I think this was an issue in my marriage because when I would ask my ex-husband to do something he’d wait until he felt like doing it; so, I’d do it on my own. Whether it was helping our handyman put in new kitchen cabinets in our home or paint the whole inside of the house. I just took action and still do.

I started working at the age of 13 to help support my family. I’ve literally been working 19 years total. I remember when I started working at the day care I would bring home 100$ a week; I’d keep 20$ and give my dad the rest. My mother became extremely ill and became disabled, unable to help my father with bills. So, I took the initiative to help. My brothers got to do the sports things and enjoy a childhood. I don’t I ever really remember enjoying a childhood. I mean, I don’t sob about it. I’m 32 for crying out loud. I sure as hell don’t wish to go back in time. I also don’t regret anything in my life. I think people go through certain things to be able to help others’ in the future.

The first impression most people get from me is that I’m a b***h. But, I’m not; I can be if I have to. Only when I’m defending those I care about or someone messes with me. But, for the most part, I’m mellow, down to earth, a good woman, loving, sincere and genuine. Again, I don’t dilly dally around anything. I call it like I see it. Some people take that as being blunt, but only sometimes. I just don’t sugar coat anything because I don’t see a need for that. I think people need to know straight up whatever the issue is. Why sugar coat anything? I don’t get it.  

I’m determined to keep pushing forward no matter what peeks and valleys I have to go through. I can do all things through Christ and what I set my mind to, with of course the help of God. Only He gives me the strength to be able to have so much energy and make it day in and day out. All the glory be to God.

Love & Light!