Do you know pain?

Do you know the pain of emotionless parents? Do you know the pain of being robbed your innocence? Do you know the pain of heart-break? Of physical pain? Of Psychological pain? I do. I’ve known this pain from the age of 5 up until recently I would say up until I turned 30 years old; where I decided I would no longer allow it to rob my happiness. That’s 25 years of pain; from all sorts of sources. But, somehow I’ve been able to stand strong. This amazes me even. Why? Because, I’m only 32 years old and I can relate to peoples’ pain within their hearts and whatever they are faced with. I can feel what people are faced with and that’s what brings tears to my eyes. Not the fact of what I’ve been through, because I’ve mended all my wounds; but what other people I encounter have to deal with and them not knowing how to handle it.

I’ve been dealt a serious of trials and tribulations through out my life. But you know how I’ve survived it? I know this will sound crazy; but by giving of myself; by volunteering at a hospice clinic, at a pre-kindergarten, at a convalescent home; at child protective services and now soon to volunteer at American Red Cross and Mosaic.

I’m excited to announce I will be an international case worker for the American Red Cross and teaching English as a Second Language to victims of Human Trafficking and Refugees. This literally brings happiness and joy to my heart. Because, I will be able to inspire others with my life story. I will be able to give them hope and show them love. I will be able to help victims of all sorts to rise above their situation. I will be selfless and continue to give of myself. But, this can only be done by the Grace of God.

For many years I wanted to be an R.N. but I kept lagging it in taking the courses; I would take one here and there. It’s not until 2 years ago where I decided to change my career because of a life event I had to deal with and I was given the revelation that I was choosing the wrong career. I changed my career from nursing to Social Work.

I will be getting my Bachelor of Social Work by spring of 2015. I will then attend UTA and obtain a dual Master’s in Social Work and Public Administration. From there I will continue to pursue my degree and obtain my Ph.D. in International Social Work and work with the United Nations Chapter here in Dallas and work with Victims of Human Trafficking and Refugees. This is my ultimate life goal. I might be 40 years old by the time I finish my educational goals, but it’s ok. There’s no rush. School will always be there. My fear and question is will I be able to have it all, a husband, kids, and my career? Only Lord knows what’s really in store for me. But I will keep pushing forward until He says I’m done with my education.

Although I’ve been through a lot of pain, God has been there for me. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been upset with Him for allowing me to go through certain things in life, but no matter what He’s been there for me and has accepted and loved me unconditionally. Something I’ve come to terms with just a year ago.

If you deal with pain and don’t know how to handle it, I will be all eyes and ears for you. You can talk to me via email anytime at I can give you words of encouragement or solutions to your issue. Another thing about me is I don’t take no for an answer. I will always find the yes in the million no’s I get.

Love & Light!


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