I’ve been feeling great this past week except for one day. I felt like what’s the point of working so hard to have so many challenges, trials and tribulations? I mean really? What outcome does God expect from me? Does he expect me to keep pushing forward or quit and go back to the miserable life I used to live? I don’t know if He just keeps teaching me a lesson or what. He knows I can handle what He puts in my path, so why keep going through this? But, then I realized that this is life; full of trials and tribulations – it’s how we learn to live a rich God given life.

Today I woke up feeling ecstatic yet tired and burned out. So I slept and stayed in bed till I had to get up and get ready for work.

My room-mate said I looked good; that there’s this glow to me. I came to work and chilled at the cafeteria because I was early an hour and studied for a bit. A house-keeping lady said I looked beautiful and she almost didn’t recognize me because there’s this glow to me. And, my co-worker said I’m shining like a star. Well, I figured three people have said I have a glow, guess I’m calling it the G. Glow! LOL. I find that so funny!

My response was maybe its love, who knows?! Only God knows! But, yes, I’m in Love (sigh). Maybe that’s why I feel like I’m on cloud number 9. I just hope I don’t fall hard; which is my main concern. But, I’m going with the flow and taking this one day at a time. We can’t possibly rush into anything with our busy and hectic schedules.  If this is meant to be it will find a way to work itself out, whether we can only spend a few hours together or just a weekend a month; as long as we get some quality time together, it’s what matters to me the most. Whatever the case, as long as we both try. I think that’s what counts the most, that we both put an effort into this new found love.

I text my best friend and shared with her everything that’s been going on in my life and the revelation I received from God. Her response was “Finally!” I can agree with her! This is a new feeling that I’ve never experienced and I love it. She also said “You deserve someone in your life that will love and care for you like never before.” We’ll see what the stars have in store for us.

I’m suppose to be working yet here I am writing this blog regarding my G. Glow! I can’t stop laughing. Yes, I’m random like that!!

Wish me luck y’all.

Love & Light!


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