Attitude of Gratitude

It seems that the month of November people seem to show more gratitude towards what they have and who they have in their lives. I guess it’s done because of Thanksgiving; but why not do it every day of our lives. Why wait till the Thanksgiving Holiday?

I believe we should always walk with an Attitude of Gratitude every waking moment of our lives. This way we realize how truly blessed we are for the people in our lives and the obstacles we all face. It’s what makes us stronger.

I’m grateful for what I’ve been through, although I’ve faced a lot of heartache, depression, disappointments, etc; I’ve been broken and abused, but God put all my heart’s pieces back together; He mended my wounds; and what I’ve been through does not define me as a person. It’s taught me a lot of lessons, like love and acceptance of myself then others.

An Attitude of Gratitude when you wake up will just make your whole day better. Give thanks to whatever God you believe in for another chance at living; like I said before, it doesn’t matter what we face. We should focus on what we do have in our lives, whether its people or materialistic things. In my personal opinion materialistic things can always be replaced, but not your loved ones or friends.

Walk the remaining of your day and life with an Attitude of Gratitude, you’ll truly feel a difference once you do and you’ll realize what a blessing it is!

~Love & Light


2 thoughts on “Attitude of Gratitude

  1. I think a gratitude practice can be really important. It helps us live with “a glass half full” instead of “half empty”. Focus on what we have and how lucky we are to have it . Especially difficult in this age of consumerism.

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